On Thursday 14 March, at the Metropolitan’s residence of Kiev’s Saint Sofia Cathedral museum complex, Andris Bērziņš, President of Latvia and patron of Rīga’s 2014 European Capital of Culture year, opened an exhibition – What does amber still have in mind? Latvia. Amber. Innovation – during his official visit to Ukraine. This is a unique exhibition, created with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to promote Rīga as a 2014 European Capital of Culture and present one of Latvia’s most accomplished scientific achievements in the form of art.

The exhibition is based on amber filament – a discovery by Rīga Technical University researcher Inga Ļašenko which has achieved international acclaim. The full potential for the application of Inga Ļašenko’s amber filament is yet to be discovered, but it is already clear that it has remarkable medicinal properties and can also be utilised in textiles. The amber filament has been transformed into thread to create works of art by fellow Latvian Iveta Vecenāne, an internationally renowned textile and tapestry artist.

The exhibition’s creator has experimented with the visually unobtrusive amber thread, creating works that display its diverse properties to the maximum – a source of texture, colour, application and inspiration. The exhibition utilises a sensitive and emotional approach to reflect the synergy between science and art.

The exhibition has been developed in collaboration with the Rīga 2014 Foundation, whose European Capital of Culture programme assigns a special role to amber, presenting Rīga as its natural habitat, now and in the future.


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