AN EVENT IN THE MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY: AMBER THROUGH TIMES Barbara Ābele, "Dzintara kods". Photo: Barbara Ābele, "Dzintara kods". Photo:


The Latvian Museum of Natural History and Riga 2014 Foundation presented an exhibition, which proved one of the most important projects within the framework of the programme European Capital of Culture for the year of 2014.

Textile tapestries were developed in cooperation with designers of the Art Academy of Latvia and with the financial support of the Riga 2014 Foundation within the framework of the project Exposition: from Amber to Amber Fibers.

Since Friday, 17th January, anyone is welcome to visit a new, interactive and up-to-date exhibition at the Latvian Museum of Natural History, presenting Latvia's most unique mineral – amber. This exhibition is Riga 2014's first stop in the exhibition cycle Amber Road in Riga. The exhibition was opened on 16th January.
From now on, museum visitors can familiarize themselves not only with the marvelous Baltic amber as it has been so far, but also with other types of amber spread in the world, to form their own opinion about the possibilities of using the amber. It will be possible to look into the miracle
of amber thread invented by Inga Lyaashenko, a scientist, and to view the works of art created using the amber thread. It will also be possible to see the amber road'a timeline.

“It is a very important event for the Museum of Natural History during preparation for its 170th anniversary, to be celebrated next year,” Skaidrīte Ruskule, Director of the Museum of Natural History, said and added that the museum was very proud to be the first one to open the exhibition being a part of the Riga 2014 programme.
“Today we are paying compliments to amber, a unique, diverse, marvelous material loved by and popular with people. This is a case when thanks to the foundation Rīga 2014, our intention coincided with our possibilities.”
Dace Melbārde, the Minister of Culture, shared her opinion that similar to a small insect in a piece of amber, who can tell an intriguing story about the world civilization, evolution, formation, the small piece of amber washed ashore or found by archeologists, can tell a story about the ancient culture and history.

Diāna Čivle, the director of the foundation Riga 2014, said: „I am thinking how close amber is to us, how known and familiar it is, and at the same time, how unexplored and explorable it is. After all, amber was our first currency – we exchanged using it when trading with other countries; now we have come as far as the amber thread invented by Inga Lyashenko. She has also inspired this theme line, making us think that amber has not been thoroughly researched and this spring has run dry.
Thus, having searched and researched deeper about the amber, we understood: the properties that amber possesses are also characteristic of culture.
In addition, the Amber Stream, which has brought together numerous people who have researched and created new works of art, will show you new aspects of amber, and there will be very many events during which the word amber will sound again and again.

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