A dynamic cluster of textile designers

Amber threads were the beginning of the work, and they immediately became the center of attention. This Latvian invention also has its innovative solution.

Up to date, there has formed a Dynamic Cluster of Textile Designers who are united by Baltic amber. Each of the participants is a master in his/her craft, with a unique technology and creative thinking, and each work is handmade. Beauticians, bath designers and amber artists also joined the Baltic specialists.

Our association has attracted attention of Latvians expats in the US, France. Women form the majority of the association. The name of our association is AMBELIKA , which is similar to amber. Because the amber is a great keeper of the gene pool of our culture and history, as well as the woman is the keeper of the genetic resourses of humanity.

Everyone looks at the amber in his/her own way and embodies his/her creative potential in the products. Masters looked at such a well-known amber stone from a different stance, and the interest in amber began to revive. Cohesion and power in the course of this renaissance masters. A common concern is sharpened on top and do not pay attention to the nationality or religion, because the work is aimed at creative purposes, to unite people, to improve their life quality. Our creative work is boundless.

What is the concept of the association? All participants are freely interlinked, one feels the importance and necessity, not only in the exchange of creative ideas and material assistance to each other. The concept defined the strategy of action in order to unite.

A typical example: an exhibition in Germany (Hanover) on October 15-18, 2013, where Inita Dzalba, a Latvian textile-designer, presented her exclusive collection of products with amber and linen thread. Each of the members of our association has tried to contribute, because Inita, above all, represented one of the Baltic states – Latvia. And this work has benefited everyone (a new market and new contacts).
When we attend trade shows and conferences, we present competitive products on the basis of the traditional and modern culture and history of the Baltic States (primarily Latvia), with innovative ideas and unparalleled capacity to empower and inspire women.

Association (as well as I see my main mission) offers great opportunities to share enriching stories of transformation, success through overcoming challenges, testimonials and life lessons.

Composite amber threads are organic high molecular compounds, composed of repetitive linear polymer structural units of polyamide with integrated microparticles of amber.
Decomposition products of the composite amber thread are not toxic and are found in nature everywhere.
Composite amber threads are fully decomposed if affected by microrganisms under aerobic or unaerobic conditions in carbonic dioxide, methane, water, biomass and non-organic compounds (down to low molecular compounds), does not have a negative affect on nature or humans. Self-decomposition completes within 6 to 36 weeks.
Certificate Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 AITEX Nr. 2913LK0012 23.09.2013. Composite Amber fibers in raw. Composite amber fibers blends with cotton, linen, wool and silk in raw.
Certificate LVS EN ISO 9001:2009 Nr. LVRIG89513A 2013.g. October 14. Scientic Research and Development of Environment-Friendly Materials and Biotextile Materials.

Textile designers

JLU Technologies Ltd www.ambelika.lv
THE ART ACADEMY OF LATVIA www.lma.lv/?parent=3660

THE ART ACADEMY OF LATVIA, head of department of technical art Prof. Ieva Krumiņa;
THE ART ACADEMY OF LATVIA, department of functional design Asoc. Prof. Barbara Ābele;
textile artist Elīna Veilande-Apine;
fashion designer Edīte Treija - clothing collection (amber thread & linen yarn).
Dr. Zane Berzina - Textile Design, Soft Technologies and Materials Research, Goldsmiths Digital Studios, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK
Textile artist Iveta Vecenāne - tapestries, installation of the exhibition.
TONUS ELAST Ltd www.tonus.lv
AMBLINE Ltd www.ambline.lv
AMBERINI Ltd www.amberini.lv
ARS TELA Ltd www.arstela.lv
Agneses Vaļinieces Burleska Ltd www.burleska.lv
“RIXC Pasākumi Spīķeros 2014” riga2014.org/plaknes
Daiga Štalberga www.daiga.org
Maruta Goba textile artist
Folk Applied Art Studio
"Sigulda" (Latvia)

Tatjana Skubure https://www.facebook.com/tatjana.skubure

Latvian Сosmetic Сompanies that use natural amber powder AMBELIKA ®
Verana Ltd www.verana-cosmetics.com
Dzintaru darbnīca Ltd www.amberhealing.lv
''Giruda"salon (Saldus, Latvia) hirudotherapy

Workshops, Exhibitions, Shops
- Amber Training International SIA www.ambertraining.lv
- Zandera Dzintara Darbnīca (Zander's Amber workshop) Jelgava, Latvija.
- Riga Fashing Week Collection of Autumn / Winter 2014/2015 (April 4, 2014).
- Exposition hall 'Le Stelline Congress Centre, textile exposition FILO, Milan, Italy 05.03.2014. - 06.03.2014.
- Program Riga Cultural Capital 2014; DOMĀT – DARĪT, PROGRAM RIGA 2014 (From 18th March 2014 until 20 st March 2014, the Art Academy of Latvia); http://www.lma.lv/?parent=3660
- Ekspozīcija “Dzintars laiku lokos” 2014. gada 15. janvārī Dabas muzejā atklāta jauna ekspozīcija, kurā krāšņi uzmirdz Latvijas unikālākais minerāls – dzintars. Ekspozīcija tapusi Rīga 2014 izstāžu cikla „Dzintara ceļš Rīgā” ietvaros un būs skatāma visa Eiropas kultūras galvaspilsētas gada garumā, turpmāk saglabājoties muzejā kā pastāvīgā ekspozīcija. http://www.dabasmuzejs.gov.lv/aktualitates/dabas-muzej-top-ekspoz-cija-par-dzintaru
- «Rīga — Eiropas kultūras galvaspilsēta 2014» izstāžu ciklā «Dzintara ceļš Rīgā» otrais pieturas punkts ir Paula Stradiņa Medicīnas vēstures muzejs, kur 15. aprīlī plkst. 16.00 atklās izstādi «Dzintars: mīti un zinātne». http://www.mvm.lv/lv/

- Tatjana Skubure - Leader Macrame School, Macrame. Israel, Litori, Svitoe, "Artesanias Comahue", Pulceras Toluca Nudos, Originalmente Creato.

Web views: daily average of 50 thousand, and a month about 1.4 million, every day are added around 250 new customers!

To feel and understand itself place in life, you just have to engage in a creative dialogue with us.

This will attract more and more participants, will unite people and support, under the slogan: I'm for the positive!

Modern bath with amber coated (new project)

Ltd "CasaDiVanna" www.casadivanna.com

Textile designers

JLU Technologies Ltd main activities are: - technological development of biomaterials and improvement under the brand AMBELIKA®; - production of exclusive textiles, including biotextiles. Company's business concept - to grow and develop, put into practice latest innovations in ecologically pure product technology designed to improve human health, delay of aging processes and to maintain a high standard of living. "JLU Technologies” Ltd manufactures: composite amber thread; pure Baltic amber powder; high quality hosiery as well. This product is characterized by innovative textile use (including silver fibers) as base material. More information: www.ambelika.lv

TONUS ELAST Ltd produces a wide range of elastic medical products, starting with elastic bandage, up to corsets of a complex design anticipated for expectant and nursing mothers. The qualitative products of the enterprise serve for a man’s health needs and are in demand not only in Latvia but also beyond its borders.
March 19, 2014 signed an agreement Nr L-APV-14-0062 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) on co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund under the program "Entrepreneurship and Innovation", in subsection "Investments of high added value" for the project Nr APV / "Starting of production the new product SIA" TONUS ELAST "with high added value". More information: www.tonus.lv

Company "AMBLINE" produces hand-made textile products derived from flax yarn twisted with innovative amber thread. Certificate available from the supplier of raw materials, which confirms that the composition of the thread is 100% natural Baltic amber. Woven from threads: shawls, scarves, handbags for soap, towels, gloves, improve blood microcirculation, through massaging effect, and nightgowns for women and children, as well as bed linens. These products have unique properties that provides Baltic amber is an effective natural bio-stimulator. It makes the skin healthy and youthful, calms the nervous system, eliminates headaches, improves blood microcirculation.
More information: www.ambline.lv

New exclusive collection Fall/Winter 2014/2015 of AMBERINI Ltd will be based on the high skill of the designers, the newest knitting technology, as well as material of goods, which will include a unique Italian cashmere and silk yarn, as well as innovative amber thread. Composite amber thread will give the product a special charm and originality. More information: www.amberini.lv

Ars Tela Ltd creates hand-woven premium quality linen products. They are unique, with an original style. Linen grown in the Baltic States has been used to create fabrics and clothing. When used in clothing, it becomes unique, but sophisticated when used in home's interior, and it also characterises the traditional Latvian lifestyle. To make costumes more colourful, rayon, metallic thread, wool, mohair, cashmere wool, yeanling wool, silk, amber threads and many other materials are used. More information: www.arstela.lv

Agneses Vaļinieces Burleska Company produces: the elegant painted silk ties with an embroidery from amber threads, scarfs, shawls with an amber yarn in their structure, flowers from "spurgaliņas" fabric, scarfs of mesh structure, a brooch, lace, upholstery for furniture etc. More information: www.burleska.lv

“RIXC Pasākumi Spīķeros 2014” Daina Taimiņa is a Latvian mathematician, historian of mathematics and artist, working at Cornell University, and her famous work is models of the hyperbolic plane, made a hook. More information: http://lv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daina_Taimi%C5%86a

Daiga Štalberga lives and works in France. Unique works of famous tapestries and scarves. More information: www.daiga.org

Folk Applied Art Studio "Sigulda" textile artist Maruta Goba.
The textile artist Maruta Goba lives on the river bank of Gauya which name is connected with a legend of an amber origin, it is possible that her interest to an amber thread and turning it to masterpiece.

Tatjana Skubure - We consider our project as breakthrough spiritual life against distortion of reality. A unique combination (start in Latvia) of media and non-media channels in a simple and accessible form transforms project into a multi-dimensional means of action: it's a scientific research and companies that introduce these ideas to life, it's a documentary, that reflecting the modern reality and literature, which is able to shake each and open their spiritual potential. To feel and understand itself place in life, you just have to engage in a creative dialogue with us.

Latvian Сosmetic Сompanies that use natural amber powder AMBELIKA ®

All Verana Ltd products are made by hand. Verana set up an objective to develop a new standard of quality in cosmetics that the content of natural ingredients in the products more than 99% of the total ingredients. Verana products are, above all, skin nutrition and moisturizing, increase of skin tone, skin elasticity and flexibility, prevent its aging.
In the production of own products Verana uses only natural oils, extracts and ingredients healing for the body, including amber powder, selected carefully by developers that activate internal self-regulation capabilities of the organism.
Scientific approach, a continuous search of new solutions, and high professionalism of Verana employees allow to create effective and qualitative cosmetics, using only natural ingredients.
Verana products have a wide range of effects on the skin, possessing simultaneously purifying, protective and nourishing features.
In the process of production Verana uses low, sparing temperature required to preserve healing qualities of all components that are part of products structure.
Verana products are created so that all components and active ingredients perform fully all their useful characteristics.
In the process ofproduction Verana uses extracts of plants grown only in ecologically clean places of our planet.
Verana products are designed to keep the skin of everyone young and shining, and restore health and beauty of mature and problematic skin. More information: www.verana-cosmetics.com

Company "Dzintaru darbnīca" is a family business, that combined knowledge of Amber therapeutic and aromatherapy, where preparations are made from Baltic amber (the main ingredient) for the health and beauty. "Dzintaru dziednīca" is a product line where creams and ointments, for preparation of which is used in many recipes a knowledge of the healing properties of amber. Just out of the amber threads knit - socks and wrist to keep warm. More information: www.amberhealing.lv

Iveta Lapuķe, the hirudotherapist, in her work she uses cleared amber oil, amber powder and amber granules (diameter up to 1 mm). Above-mentioned components are applied to procedures of injuries promoting treatment, inflammations, skin problems, swelled, increase immunity. Iveta Lapuķe uses amber cosmetics, and she works in salon "Giruda", Saldus, Latvia.

Modern bath with amber coated (new project)

Ltd "CasaDiVanna" bathroom (85% natural marble mix baths) collections are designed to complement contemporary interior design using clean lines and aesthetically pleasing solutions. These collections are aimed for customers who appreciate refined handcraft and exquisite natural materials. "CasaDiVanna" product range will improve the microclimate of your bathroom, transforming it to an even more comfortable, pleasant and inspiring place in your home! More information: www.casadivanna.com{jcomments off}

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